Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Picking up an old tag - 8 things about me!

I was new to this blogging game and I got tagged by Swati. I didn't know anything about tagging then and since I couldn't understand what it was all about until recently that I just left it at that.
But during recent conversation with her, she urged me to take it on now that I know what it is all about. So after thinking whether its too late to take it on again (its been about a month and a half since she tagged me) I finally decided "OK. Let me take it on!".

So here goes those 8 things (I wonder if I'll have 8 things to tell about myself) that lot of people will not know about me:

  1. I love to drive. Yes ever since I started driving again (after a 4 year gap when I got married and DH won't let me drive), I love it. Its like my freedom. I hated waiting for autowalahs and haggling with them. I love my ride to office and back home on Noida DND Flyway. I love the fact that I can drive at the speed of 70 KM/hr without a worry. Its another story that others are zipping past me at the speeds of 90+ but then they are driving in their Hondas and Fords and I'm in my Maruti 800
  2. I wish I could sing. I love music and I really wish I could sing well enough to sing in front of people and not be shy about it.
  3. I love to dance. Its another story that I don't know how to dance good and how I wish I could.
  4. I used to play tabla. Yes I sure did! I even did a stage performance in IIT Delhi long back. And I've one photograph also to prove that! :D
  5. I'm so very afraid of mouse and those big cockroaches. :P
  6. I cry during emotional/sentimental scenes in movies. Whether at home or a theatre! Yes! I cry during movies in public too! *blush*
  7. When alone, I pick my nose quite often! I can already hear "Eeeeeks", "Ughhhhhhhhhs" and "Grossssssssssssssssssss" :D
  8. I'm a gadget freak. If money allows (and hubby too) I would love to buy tons of gadgets. From Apple's iPhone, XBox, a fancy digital camera. Something like this or this or this. The list can go on and on but I guess I should stop here :D

*Phew* I finally made my list of 8 things! That deserves a pat on the back! I was really really sure I would not have 8 things that I can write here. 8 is quite a big number :P But I did it! Yay!

And now I tag Collection of Stars, Whats In A Name (My Random thoughts) and Asha. Hey I know I'm late but as they say "Better late than never!" :D


  1. Hehehheh..Except for the first and the last and Tabla ..we are all the same.

    BTW..when can I see the pic?

    And yes ...I am not afraid of mouse and cocroaches ..but I don't like them either ... ;-)

  2. LOL at the nose digger. why do you dig only when you are alone? Wouldn't you like to share the treasures? :P hahahaha!

    Wow! Tabla!!!! Am impressed.
    Am not afraid of bugs, and am not big on gadgets, otherwise, you could be my twin..:)

  3. I second Swati regarding that pic!!!
    Kanoon saboot mangta hai :-)

  4. Swati & Stone : Ok! Ok! Will scan and post the pic soon!

    JLT : No..no sharing of MY treasures..they are only MINE! :P hehehehe...

  5. HEY I love singing, dancing too and I dont care how I do them :)
    I play Veena!
    I drown in tears watching senti movies :))
    I dont dig my nose, I dig my ears lolol

    BTW, JLT had already tagged me on this. I got senti and wrote a senti post on myself ...