Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fetish for err....footwear.

I'm sure the title of my post would have elicited giggles from some, made some snigger, awed some and maybe some even rolled their eyes!

I'm sure each of us have a fetish for something. Something which others wouldn't know. Something amusing or weird or funny. So as the title says I've a fetish for footwear. Whenever we are out in the market, I just cannot resist looking in at the footwear shops. And so many times I end up buying too even when I really really do not require any more pairs.
How many pairs do I currently own? I have no clue. But they are way too many that I know. Its a count that would put anyone to shame.

So when we were rummaging through the footwear cupboard during the cleaning up session after the whitewash, DH got to see the number of pairs that I have. He was flabbergasted. He asked me if I am trying to beat the record of Imelda Marcos in having the maximum number of pair of footwear :P

If I start to count the ones I remember, I have about 3 fancy marriage wear kinds, 3 sandals styles with varying heel sizes, one jooti, one fancy chappal styled, one regular slip-ons, one pair of sport shoes, another pair of slip on cloth shoes besides the house slip on chappals. These are the ones that I remember straight off. Its quite a possibility that I might have a pair or two more and don't remember.:P

And its not that I just buy them and don't wear them. There are a few pairs that I use very very regularly and there are few which are used occasionally.

So now its your turn Swati, MyNanhiPari and Fuzzy to tell me what your one weird/funny/amusing fetish is? Be a sport and out with it! :D


  1. You are so not alone nm!I'm right there with you on the shoe fetish thing. You will be surprised to know how many pairs I own. My husband however has given up on me:)

  2. Lol Lol and to think that I have just 4 that I wear out!

  3. Casual, formal, flats, heels, sporty, sexy footwear..
    A girl has gotta have them all!!
    Feel no guilt !

  4. Fuzzy & Dame : Thanks! *phew* what a reileif to know I'm not the only one :P

    JLT : I think you need to explore more foot-avenues :D

  5. only a woman can understand another women's need to have multiple pair of shoes in her closet... so we shall leave the eye-rolling to men-folk...

    we all share the same fetish for err shoes... god bless imelda marcos... and err jayalalitha :-D