Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bong Connection

We got to go for the special screening of the movie "The Bong Connection" at PVR Saket. We were offered free passes from someone we know and we just couldn't resist the opportunity! :D

I think the movie is hilarious with bits of emotional stuff set in between. The movie was in Bangla with English subtitles. Although I hate movies with subtitles because if you do not understand the language your focus is left on reading the subtitles at the bottom and we hardly watch whats happening in the movie as such. But since I can understand quite a bit of Bangla having stayed in Calcutta for a year so it was fine with me.

All the characters/actors did a good job and I would recommend watching to all who are open to watching movies in regional languages.

During the intermission all the cast came on the stage and said somethings about the movie. Raima Sen was the worst among the lot. She really sounded like a dud!

The movie is about the main character's Andy and Apu having cross-cultural issues. One going ga-ga over US and one pointing out at the rich culture in India. Rest I guess you need to watch to enjoy it. It may not sound as interesting as it really is if I write more details because the topic is usual but the presentation was just GREAT!

So happy watching!


  1. hay hay ..seems like we are all getting free passes these days ..i have 2 for the latest Harry Potter..dont think I can make it though..:)

  2. i am not into watching sub-titled movies either. You are saying that you stayed in Calcutta for around a year and understand quite a bit of Bengali? Lucky you. I have been in Hyderabad for the past three years and I still don't understand more than 4 or 5 of the most commonly used words in Telugu!

  3. Swati : Don't jinx my free passes! It's the first time I got them! :P Just kidding! :D

    Asha : Like I said in my post, Bangla is quite easy to understand. Quite a bit of words you can understand as they are very similar to Hindi words.

    I'm sure I would be in just your shoes with any other language!

  4. Well, for a quality movie, language is not a barrier at all; recently saw some mind blowing Italian and Spanish movie.

    Though I hate watching Hindi movies with English subtitles here, they are big distractions and half of the time I'm busy pointing out the mistakes in that :-)