Friday, July 6, 2007

What color are you?

Was asked by Swati to try out this quiz and here is what it says about me


You are driven and optimistic. You strive to succeed in life while lightening the mood of those around you. You do well at any job you put your mind to.

Find out your color at!

Your score was 142/180.
2,832,546 people have taken this quiz.
And 95,029 got Orange like you.

There are 2 things to which I totally agree with what it says about me - "optimistic" and the last line "You do well at any job you put your mind to." Mark the words in bold. That is THE key. Its so true, if I want to do something, I will do irrelevant of the fact whether how easy or how difficult the task in hand is. But isn't that with almost all of us?

But after reading this I was wondering why do they always talk about only good traits or behaviours of us. Why not the negative or not so good ones? I know most of us would chime "Who wants to hear the bad things" but lets be practical. Its good to hear the negatives once in a while too. Right??


  1. hi there :

    of course you are most welcome to visit my blog and put up your comments!

    and if you would like to me posted whenever i put up a posting then you can send me your meail id and i can include you there (my tryst with narcissism).

    i took the color quiz and i got a 'green'!


  2. my hubby is into prawn farming, BPo & software development.. managed by his brother, few friends and his dad
    thanks for the wishes