Thursday, July 26, 2007

Capturing on camera!

I love clicking. Something which anyone who knows me will vouch for. Be it festival celebrations at home, get-together, dinners, parties, travelling or just nothing. I just love to click.

There are times when I've thought of joining a professional photography course and learn the finer things for clicking great pictures. But I have no clue when will that happen. What I know is that it will happen for sure but when don't know. Maybe when I'm 40, maybe 50, maybe 80! :D

The other day when I was driving down the
DND flyway from work to home, I saw the sky full of clouds although scattered a bit. And I saw sun rays streaming down from between the clouds. It just looked soooooooo beautiful and how I wished I had camera to capture that! I'm sure you would have seen something like this many a times but did you feel like capturing it on camera? When I told this to DH and some other friends later they all said, "Its so common. Whats there to capture on camera about it?" But for me it was! So that's the difference between me and the others.

I see a crooked tree, with branches twisting in different directions and I exclaim "Wow! That's such a beautiful tree" and my friends would say "Huh?" and roll their eyes.

I like to capture people too but I guess my real desire is to capture nature, architecture or anything that amuses me.

I remember when I was working for a company who had made the website, which sadly no longer exists now. On the home page of the site, there was a section called "CPCam". Here we would post pictures that we would click personally everyday at Connaught Place (New Delhi) and post on the site with some interesting caption underneath.

The idea was to show the plush side of the Connaught Place, to entice and lure people to come and spend time at CP to do shopping, eating or just about anything. Well this is something which I realised much later as whenever I would be going out to click I would click the oddest of pictures and finally the CEO spoke to me in length saying that the pictures you click are good but maybe for a photography magazine and not for the site. I remember he pointed out a picture that I had clicked recently which had 2 street urchins relaxing and laughing under the large square pillar style hoardings. Then he pointed out another picture where I had captured an old frail guy with long overflowing beard walking with a huge ball shaped thing on his head and titled it as something like "Atlas carrying the earth?".

I tried for sometime to capture the so called 'plush' side of CP, and managed to click some good ones. The CEO really appreciated one picture which I had clicked from the 12th floor of a tall building just outside the outer circle of CP. It almost looked like an aerial view and it did look beautiful. But soon I got bored of it. How much can you click pictures of people carrying shopping bags, people licking away the ice creams, people walking holding hands in much? So I gave up the task. I felt I couldn't do it as my mind thought and looked at things very differently than what was expected.

Anyhow, those are the things from the past. Coming back to the current scenario, now I'm craving for a camera which can aide me in clicking some great pictures and stash away my 2 MP camera that I got 3 years ago. But it would be bad on my part not to praise it. I've clicked some really nice pictures from it too!. The only example lying on my office comp is this one below that I clicked during our trip to Andamans' in December 2005.


  1. this looks like a water color painting...beautiful!

  2. Hi,
    I just loved this photograph!!

    A small suggestion, start carrying your digicam with you.
    I too click a lot, but sometimes I go overboard, on a recent trip I clicked some 300 odd snaps of a lake :-)

    And yes, thanks for bringing back the lovely memories of CPCAM :-)

  3. Wow, that's a gorgeous picture!

  4. @all : Thanks for appreciating the pic! I've about 3-4 more of such sunsets and sunrises from andamans! It seemed nothing less than heaven experiencing it in person! And I would tell all, you must visit Andamans once! You will love it! Especially the Havelock island where the sand on the baech is as soft as talcum powder, pure white and the sea has the color of electric blue!

  5. I could feel your passion for photography through your post! The picture is awesome.
    Lets see some more from you. Especially that street urchins and Atlas one :)

  6. Wow! That's a LOVELY picture. you are really talented, girl.

    Do post the urchins and the old man as well..

  7. WIAN, JLT & ITW: I don't have the street urchin and the atlas pic with me. Those were clicked about 8 years ago and would be with the previous company if they kept a backup after shutting down the site. So dadly, can't show you those!

    What I can try and do is post the others as a post in itself!

  8. You have an eye for photography nm!that's one lovely pic. I would say don't give it up!

  9. wow bhabhi, this picture looks like the work of a photography guru... you absolutely must keep clicking... and also send this picture to national geographic... :-D