Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yet another award!

Just writing the title made me so happy thinking that I've been awarded another award in less than a year of blogging. It makes me so happy and so charged up for continuing my blogging despite the tussles between me and some people who think I waste my time here. :D

And this time I've been awarded the title of "Best Blogging Buddies Award" by Just Like that! Isn't it such a 'WOW!!'?

Thanks JLT for thinking of me for this award! And it was you who also thought of me when giving the "Power of Schmooze" award few months ago.

Despite knowing nothing, beyond this blogging world, about each other somehow I have felt a certain bond towards you. I look forward to reading your posts. I'm sure there is something which is there but we we can't pin point. earlier I used to think I only feel like this but now I can definitely say this feeling is mutual. And now I am at a stage when I have stopped trying to find a reason for this bond/liking towards you. And I just accept it as it is. :D

I had been reading blogs since quite a while before I actually jumped in to start my very own blog. So the first person I will pass this tag on to will be Swati, who in fact was one force, without her knowing it, behind my starting my own blog.

There are lot of people whose blogs I read regularly and who probably read mine too. But There has been no off-the-blog communication between us. But still I feel a buddy-bond with them. One of them being Naina Ashley. Although she has stopped writing since a while but I am hoping this award may get her back on the track. Naina, are you listening?? Somehow if my reader showed 20 new posts and if one was from her, I would straight away jump to read hers first. Don't ask me why!! Coz I won't know the answer myself. :D

And there's a blogger who for me was a buddy first and then a blogger - Stone. So here's to you stone!! Keep writing and continue being my buddy! :D


  1. Nice to see my name here :-)
    I know how it feels abt having some sort of bond between blog buddies!!
    No words can explain..that 'unexplainable bond' which forms between blog buddies!

  2. Hearty Congratulations !!! May you be showered by many more.

    I too now have many in my kitty which I need to display, right now not very active in blogworld though I am regularly reading all the blogs including yours, Anirudh's & (to your surprise) Stone's as well. :D

    And yes, I can very well empathize with that BBBB (bond between blog buddies).

  3. Thanks a lot ~nm. That is so sweet. I am really touched. My life is very chaotic right now and it may take me a while to get back to blogging. I do read my favourite blogs (including yours) even though I may not always leave comments.
    Hope to get back to blogging soon.

  4. hey congrats....

    and i can vouch for the BBBB :D

  5. Congratulations ... May you receive many more. You deserve the very best!

  6. Hey--congrats.It does feel very very encouraging when someone acknowledgesyour efforts with an award.

  7. :-D maybe you Seeta, me Geeta in our previous janam? ;-)
    You been tagged.