Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We had a wonderful trip!

A great fun and memorable trip it was! Partially planned and partially impromptu, it worked out great!

It will be tough to write it down in words the amount of fun we had but still I will try.

Day 1: Dec 25, 2007
We started from Jaipur in our Car with In-laws around 9 AM. We stopped at Chittaur for lunch and then we went to see the famous Chittaur Fort and the even more famous Vijay Stambh. The periphery of the Chittaur Fort was about 13KMs. There is an old saying "Garho ka Garh, Chittaur Garh!" The huge walls, the beautiful but aging architecture and intricate carvings left us amazed.

Going up the Vijay Stambh was quite a task in itself. The walking area in the alleys was not more than 1.5 feet wide on the average. There were only a few alleys that were about 2.5 feet wide. The steps had a rise varying from 8 inches to 15 inches. The inside walls had beautiful carvings. There were a total of 8 floors in the tower but the steep rises in the stairs left us breathless by the time we reached the top. The view from there was amazing.

From the Vijay Stambh we proceeded to see the Meera Mandir and the famous Padmini's Palace where Allauddin Khilji took a look at the beautiful Queen Padmini via her reflection in the water.

Then we proceeded to go to Udaipur and reached there around 6:30 PM. Rested a while and then went to meet Father-in-laws friend who stayed there. They treated us so well and had at least 13-14 food items served up. We were so full by the end that there was no scope to have dinner.

Day 2: Dec 26, 2007
We started at 9:30 AM to see Udaipur City Palace. It was really huge and marvelous! It took us a little more than 3 hours to see it. And I clicked about 200 pics in the City Palace itself. Beautiful carvings, the old armours and sculptures, the beautiful art work on the walls, the sheesh mahal all were so good.

After the City Palace we went to the Fateh Sagar lake, took a ferry ride to go to the garden that has been developed in the middle of the lake. It was good to sit by the lake and relax with cool wind blowing.

There were water scooter rides also available but we didn't go for that as usually one does get a bit wet by the end of the ride which we definitely didn't want! :D

We then moved to have our lunch and also get the images form the Camera copied on to a CD since the memory card was full already and we will had lots of places to visit. Luckily we found a shop soon otherwise it would have been so difficult to chose which ones to delete to make space in the camera's memory card.

After having lunch we went to Pichola Lake, another lake in the city and had a nice ride on the ferry boat. The view of the city palace from the lake was really beautiful.

Lake Pichola

Cuddling with Dadi

View of Udaipur City Palace from Lake Pichola

Then we proceeded to see the 'Saheliyon ki Baari" which is famous for the kinds of fountains.

Beautiful Entrance

Notice the water coming out of the circular edges from the dome in the center

Striking a pose!

Artistic Fountain

(More in next post!)


  1. The pics are gorgeous. Sounds like a fundu trip. Have emailed you. Ta.

  2. Lovely fotos and great text in the opinion of Surendra Kumar!

  3. Nice Pictures! Nidhi you have described the trip pretty well. Keep writing and of course keep smiling.

  4. Awesome!!!
    Now I know the reason for your long absence :-)

  5. looking at your pictures, i am reeling in blissful memories of Rajasthan... papa was posted near ajmer in the 90s and we clocked some 10,000 road miles touring the state mostly on the eastern side of the aravali...

    i distinctly remember climbing up the vijay stambh, beautiful stone carvings everywhere we went...

    thanks bhabhi... for i could revisit the past while being so far away in the present :-)