Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seeing eye to eye!

I had gone to my opthalmologist today after about 4 years. This doc is the same one who did my LASIK about 9 years ago. Since my number had slightly increased again I went to meet him to figure out why and how to stop it.

When he saw me he was so happy that I can't describe in words. I was a little taken aback at his reaction. He told me when his assistant gave him the file, for one moment he thought if it was me or some other Nidhi. :D

Probably you can imagine his level of happiness if I tell you that he spent 30 mins just talking to me and how I have been, what I have been doing and how is family and my son. :)

I also felt really nice to meet him. He resembles one of my cousin bro big time too!

Isn't it wonderful to meet people who feel so happy to meet you too?

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  1. How nice ! But I feel a little awkward when someone reacts like that !

  2. Lucky you. I rarely get people who remember me.

  3. Hey, you have done lasik? What was your experience? What did doc say about the power change?