Saturday, January 19, 2008

First day @ new office...

After a 4 day induction program which ended on Thursday, I went to my office yesterday. It was a funny feeling as I was stepping into the place. It was a mixed feeling. You know something like "This is my office!" and "This is my office?". Got it? :)

I met the delivery manager who I will be reporting to and guess what? I already have been asigned work and have a deliverable for Tuesday. :) Now this is called back to the grind. Right? :D

And one interesting thing happened when I was having lunch with a colleague from our group. Don't remember how but the topic started about anniversaries and it so happens that another guy shares my anniversary date - the exact date with month date and year :) It was quite a strange coincidence.

And the biggest shock I got when I joined there was that they were planning to send me to client site for 2 weeks next weekend but now they can't because visa thing takes about 10 days. Phew! I had to pretend disappointed but I knew how relieved I was. I feel I need to understand how they work and what their processes are before I actually start travelling.

So as of now its "So far, so good"!

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  1. hey,

    you got saved at last... poor you i can understand how much relieved you are..

    it happens sometimes in life... i wont say its bad to take up the chance.. but now atleast.. cos u need to observe your new environment.. then u can act accordingly..

    so how is ur beta?
    take care, keep us posted... iam a new reader of urs and like it very much, by the way mine is at

    visit mine at ur leisure..

  2. :-)

    {* my greedy-self is now looking forward to an awesome mouthwatering overseas travelogue *}

  3. thank god for visa procedures huh?

  4. Stone: I have a feeling, you will have to wait a long time before I do that since I don't see myself travelling for atleast 2-3 months.

    Swati: I thought I was lucky enough to not go on such a short notice.

  5. Me glad too, for you that the travel's been deferred til you get settled in with both homw and office.
    But good luck to you, here's hoping that you cope awesomely with all that comes your way in your new office. :-)