Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting nostalgic

I don't remember when I sang the song last "Saare Jahan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara..." Today when I heard it playing on radio I started to sing along. At first I was not sure if I would remember the lyrics but as I kept singing words just kept pouring out. I was surprised in the beginning and happy as well. :)

I guess having sung it in school everyday for so many years, it has been etched well in the mind. And now even though its at the back of the mind, it still exists. I got a bit nostalgic while singing it.

The other day when I heard Betu singing the national anthem, I felt a certain kind of pride and happiness. It brought back memories of childhood. It was such a nice feeling to see your prodigy singing a song which you used to sing years ago. I am not able to put down in words how exactly I felt when I heard him singing the anthem. Probably a person who has heard their own children or for that matter any child singing it and if they had felt any emotions for that song in their childhood would understand how and what I felt.

I have made a promise to myself. I will sing these songs every now and then. I feel these are such things that we should not get nostalgic about. Nostalgia is all about past. And these songs should not become things of the past.

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  1. i still get a lump in my throat when my kids stand at attention to sing the anthem lustily! or when i have to stand up for the anthem in the movie hall before the movie begins.

    i think it also has a lot to do with our feelings associated with the songs that we hold dear. in this case, i think it also triggers a sense of patriotism in us.

    don't you agree?

  2. I feel very amused when I hear small children sing songs I sang as a child - it comes as a surprise that I must have sounded so cute once too and along come a lot of memories associated with the song.

  3. Guru: Exactly! I also feel the lump in the throat! And I used to think probably I'm weird to feel like that. Good to know I'm not alone *wink*

    Usha: Yes, its such a wonderful feeling listening to children songs that you used to sing once upon a time!

  4. The national anthem and the Saare jahan song can surely bring out the lump and the heaviness in your heart. We try to get the kids to sing them every independence day and republic day. And the fervour with which it is sung hasn't changed over the years..