Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We had a wonderful trip (contd.)

Starting again from where I left off in my earlier post.

Day 3 : Dec 27, 2008
We started for Mount Abu with the plan to stop by at the Eklingji Temple as well as at Shri Nath Temple in Nathdwara. Since photography was not allowed in temple in Nathdwara, don't have any pics of it.

From there we started for Mount Abu. The way was breathtaking as well as a bit scary since the road was still being constructed and there would be long stretches where you couldn't see a soul. The whole route was made after cutting down the mountains. Here are the few glimpses of it!

We stopped at Haldi Ghati where Maharana Pratap lost his favourite horse Chetak in the war. A museum has been constructed there which is partially opened for public and the rest is still being developed. We saw the cave where Maharana Pratap would make strategies for the attack during the war.

Maharana Pratap's Cave

Inside the Museum

Sugarcane Juice being prepared

Chetak Samadhi

Sunset on the way to Mount Abu

Finally at the guest house! Our room!


  1. ahh plzz make these images clickable, would love to see the enlarge versions.

    And yeh 'Chetak' samarak mein hindi spelling kuch golmaal nahi hai??

  2. stone: I've sent you the links to the albums on picasa at your gmail ID. Check it there. And yes instead there is a spelling mistake in hindi. :)