Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the Delhi roads!

I am sure any Delhite would have seen this sight sometime or the other for sure - a truck laden with gobhis (cauliflower) tied with strings like a big mountain, and many-a-times leaning to one side! :D

I always used to find to see such a truck quite amusing. What used to amuse me the most was the way they would intertwine the gobhis with each other using the help of a not so thick jute thread. Nothing else was required to keep them in their place, intact.

Do you also find it amusing?

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  1. what amazed me was the pic! it looked like a ghost truck floating above the road. did you notice that?

    in the interiors of maharashtra you see trucks similarly laden with sugarcane!

    in mumbai, at best, you will see trucks laden with 'raddi' paper! :P

  2. Hahaha! I got what you were saying.

    Actually since it was late at night when I clicked this, I clicked it from inside the car itself. SO its the reflection in the inside glass that makes it look like this since I didn't want to open the window to chilly winter outside :)

  3. Looks like NH-24 or Mathura Road??

  4. Man, I have the exact SAME picture. I have always loved seeing these tractor-driven carts loaded with gobhi. And the ones that I see on the Delhi-Haryana highways are not held together in place by rope, least no the ones I photographed. They are just all entwined by the stalks of the vegetables... amazing. More amazing than that... or not so amazing are the few thieving folks who try to steal the gobhis by trying to yank them outta their place, but the damn gobi holds fast! TeeHee!

  5. Stone: I clicked this on the ring road, just after the Moolchand underpass if I remember correctly.

  6. hey i've seen this too...andi keep peering to see how they all hold together...:D