Saturday, January 12, 2008

A river in the heart of Delhi!!

This picture was taken at Moolchand flyover, New Delhi on Jan 11 2008 at approx 4:30 pm.

When I had to drive through this area I was so scared lest my car should breakdown wading through so much water. I saw a man walking through with water coming upto his knees and there were 2 autos stalled by the side because the water had gotten into their machines and now they wouldn't start.

So where was the water coming from? Apparently a water pipe had burst open and this so much water flowing around in which one could easily take a swim.

Since metro work is also going on in that area, it could very well be that they messed up with the water line.

I saw kids enjoying the water and elders fretting about it. I am sure Anirudh would have also loved the sight of so much water if he was with me then :)

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  1. this moooolchand!!

    oh later i realised that the burst thingy!!

    i was wondering that i was told it rained a bit!! there @ delhi!!
    ohkay is what i reaslied later!!

  2. Isn't it funny what interesting possibilities such "cameras" open:)
    So, did you go through the deep water?