Friday, May 16, 2008

Creativity in food!

When I made the star shaped parantha for Anriudh, everyone was raving about it. Well, the inspiration behind was 'Ma'. She used to make all these different shaped paranthas and rotis for us when we were kids. I still remember how excited we would be when we would get these shaped paranthas/rotis in our plates at dinner time. And then I think of her and realise how she thought of doing such little little things that used to make us so happy. She had no helping hand at home and she had to feed a bunch of hungry hoards comprising of 8 people! Cooking, cleaning, laundry in those washing machine-less days, teaching us and yet she felt the desire to do something extra for us.

I know I can't match up to her even one bit, but yes I try to do whatever little things she used to do, that made us so happy, with Anirudh too. And this was one little effort towards that.

I've made an 'A' alphabet roti for him once, a sun and a simple round roti with a smiley face on it. And he has loved it each time! And I love to see that twinkle in his eyes when he finds them in his dinner plate...just like us when we used to get them too!

Its so true that we re-live our childhood with our kids!


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  2. Nice thought ..I make shaped sandwich sometimes , never thought of parantha..will make tonite ..since aryan loves stars these days

  3. :) true...
    i too think at times the hardships my parents had to suffer to bring us up, and i positively know that i will never be a match to my dad...

  4. Mom never made any kinds of shapes to entertain us but I did in my early days of cooking :). Dosas runing around in all directions, chapattis used to generally resemble some country :).

  5. Oh this brought back memories!! My aunt used to make alphabet dosa's for me, as I used to hate having breakfast.. in fact all of us (kids in the joint family) would get them and only then would we have our b'f :P spoilt? yea :D

    thanks for visiting :)

  6. Half the inspiration for cooking comes from the person who is going to eat it and children are always appreciative of new things as they notice them. That should be a great motivation. :)

  7. These are great ideas. I need to try something like that. Apple will love it.
    Was sad to see the car smashed (in your previous post).

  8. oh vow! now that's thoughtful...going the extra mile
    why do I never do such things:(

  9. you know I had loads of large cookie cutters and have never used them... I am going to do these little things.. just on a odd day to surprise Chip!

  10. forgot to add- thank you for the inspiration!

  11. great creativity nm and we now know where its from ...we realise our parents' value so much more after we become one, hai na! Shall surprise Vansh with this for sure..thanks for the great idea!

  12. dats a nice piece f infrmation given in d last line.. i need to go a few more years to experience it and check wheather its true...keep blogging

  13. :-) how cute!
    my mom used to make different shaped chapathis for my sis - she was a fussy eater when we were kids :-)

  14. --xh-- : yeah, we have lead a way too easy life compared to our parents!

    Sunita: We all have gone through such stages when we started learning cooking :D

    Imps' Mom: Truly spoilt :P

    Usha; Yup! We won't go out of the way to do something nice and different if we knew we would not be appreciated. After all everyone needs an incentive :)

    Naina; Yeah, that was sad.

    Orchid: Don't feel upset. You can do it now :)

    Dotthoughts: Yeah that would be relaly nice. Post some pics too!

    Neera; Yup! Do that! I'm sure Vansh will love it!

    Tomz: Thanks for visiting! I, for sure, know that you will be saying these same lines one day! :)

    Pixie: What we parents need to do for our eat proper meals!