Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whats in my bag?

Lot of tags for sure :D Jokes apart, Shakti tagged me to tell everyone about what is in my bag. I've so many things that its going to fill up an entire page to write that out. And I won't even remember as such. To actually list down each and everything I will have to peek into my bag and see what all do I have there but I guess I won't do that and just write the things from my memory:
  1. My sunshades
  2. A diary
  3. Few papers (related to work)
  4. One cake recipe printout
  5. One practice booklet that we got during our "Conflict Management" session
  6. One lisptick
  7. One lipliner
  8. One ruffle
  9. One SN & one TP
  10. One comb
  11. One pen
  12. My wallet
  13. My cheque books (2-3 different bank ones)
  14. A subway flyer
  15. 2 CDs (of various installers)
  16. My Blackberry holster
  17. 1-2 homeopathy medicines
I guess thats all I remember. So its your turn to tell what all you have in your bags right now - Swati, Ki-jaana & Emaan's Mom!


  1. COming right up! After the next post, because that has to go up today. Sent by a friend i respect a lot.

  2. Mine is a bottomless pit. I can never find what Im looking for in that bag! When I grope for a pen I end up with a half eaten candy. And I don't even have a child of my own!
    Sigh! :D