Monday, May 19, 2008

I can't sleep.

Its just 10:30 pm and I just cannot sleep. I had a bad headache in the afternoon and it got better after I had my dinner. Everyone is asleep but me. And lying alone in the bed I have been thinking about tonnes of things.

And as I was busy in my thoughts I got a comment on the previous post about the parents forgetting about their 23 month young boy. And then I drifted away to some incidents when we could not find Anirudh for couple of minutes.

One incident I have posted in the previous post. Similar incident had happened this year again in a wedding . One moment he was standing next to me while I was talking to someone and the next moment he was gone. It took us about 5 minutes to trace him. On asking where had he gone off he replied "main to bas paani peene gaya tha".

Another incident similar to this happened during our Udaipur trip. Betu wanted to use the loo. I took him to the ladies loo but there was a long queue. I waited for his dad to come where we were. After a while betu said he cannot hold on so I made him sit on the scooter and walked away about 20 steps away from him to call his dad so that he can take betu to the gents loo. And when I turned back he was gone. It took is some 5-7 minutes to trace him. Me and hubby bothI were quite scared since the place was so crowded with tourists.

I know this was a mistake on my part and can be called sheer carelessness when we know he has this habit of walking away just like that.

And then I felt I was no different than these parents. So am I right to judge them so negatively? I guess not.

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  1. Until now such things haven't happened, but I have heard enough stories here. One moment they are with you and in the next they are gone. It must be so frighteneing. Gosh! It must be so hard. Especially with children which always run away. Rishab is becoming more and more like this since a few days. Just won't hold my hand, would just stop in the middle and start looking at what other people are doing and you can call him as much as you want, he won't budge!

  2. This happened to my niece when she was around 2.5yrs. SIL and niece had just come back from India to the US and had gone shopping with bro. SIL was trying on shoes and bro was checking something. He looked up and saw that the kid was missing. This happened in a shopping mall....imagine the panic. She could have exited the store and gotten mingled with the crowd. And that too..kid didn't speak much english. Luckily, a nice lady had taken her to the cosmetics counter and sat her there with the sales lady and had gotten her to anounce it over the pager. Though the whole incident lasted about 10mins, SIL says she will never forget it for the rest of her life.

  3. did u judge them negetively? i dont know.. from ur post, i didnt get any negetive vibes.. as far as i could understand, you where analysing a situation and was wondering how it can happen.. and that incident and where betu went missing are really different...

    but then again, who are we to judge others? they have their own reasons - after all, it is there life, rt?

    you sleep so early as 10.30? :-O most of the days, that is time time I reach home form wrk...

  4. --xh--: I think I was at the back of my mind. I was thinking how can a parent not think where the child was or not realizing their child had been missing for 5 hours. And don't you jinx my sleep. I'm the 'kumbhkaran' of the kalyug! :D

  5. I am sure it must have been terrifying.No parent would be negligent on PURPOSE--don't you think? And you are right when you say that others really cannot judge.