Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My riddle!

This is a riddle that Sue made for me on my special request! And why did I request a riddle for me? Because I was feeling left out as I did not respond on time to the request of being a part of the riddle game that few bloggers had planned as a part of an online baby shower for few of the preggie blogger moms!

She writes, does she,
Of her family?
Her betu who wants a car, and a pet;
Although a combo of both would be the best bet.
Lower case is her claim to fame,
'Waltzing Matilde' having part of her name.
And if you think I'm abstruse and contrary,
I'll give up the game and say she loves her Blackberry.

Isn't this is so apt? Thanks Sue! I know I should have written this before but as they say "Better late than never!" :)


  1. wow. so anirudh want a car? cool :-D nice riddle... explains you well :-D

  2. "Apt" is the right word. Hats off Sue.

  3. I was wondering how come there was no riddle for you but here it is.I would have guessed it too:)

  4. hey i think i would have guessed that...:)