Monday, May 12, 2008

My first mothers day celebrations!

I know I became a mommy 4 years ago and this should ideally be the 4th mother's day celebration for me but well we never celebrated it. And in a way we didn't celebrate it even yesterday as well but it kind of implicitly got celebrated. But a celebration is a celebration..whatever kind it may be! So thats why it was my first.

Neither of us remembered it was mother's day first of all. In the morning Betu demanded to have muffins on finding those silicon muffin moulds that my sister had gotten for me. So I digged out my eggless microwave chocolate recipe and served them up in 10 minutes flat! So Betu and I polished them off while hubby was getting his maalish done in the other room. I did save a few for my friend who we had planned to meet for breakfast & lunch. When we reached her place, she had made preparations for making breadrolls. Ohh how yummy they were.

Once done eating, we went shopping to Lifestyle store in Great India Place mall at Noida, near Sector 18 market. And it was such a fun day! I picked up a kurta for myself and a trouser. And then suddenly we hear a girl wishing all a happy mother's day and was asking random people some questions and generally talking to them and then was giving away some token gifts.

A little while later she came to us and handed over that gift package to Betu to present to me! Betu was so excited looking at nicely gift wrapped package that he clung to it like his dear life all the time and when we reached the food court tore it open eagerly. It was a nice shoulder kinds. The label apparently said Lee Copper but then looking at the easy availability of fakes that one can't make out, I wonder how original it was! But then who cares! A free gift is a free gift! Right? :D

We had yummy food at the food court. Ate some noodles with manchurian and vegetarian hot dogs and ended it with nice delicious donuts!

So it was a well spent and a very enjoyable day spent together with family and one of my friend. And this is why I said it was my first mother's day celebration and it was unplanned! Somehow I feel such impromptu or unplanned celebrations are THE best!


  1. Cool ...a gift and a party :)

    I am a mother too..can someone at great india place hear ????

  2. cool
    look on the inside of the bag. there should be a tag of Lee Cooper. Take a close look at the quality of the tag and the fonts used. You can easily make out if its original/fake. Else you always have the easiest but prolonged way of testing its originality... use it 24/7 and see if it gets ragged in 2 months or 2 yrs! you'll know it!

    Most probably its a fake. Those people cant possibly be spending THAT hefty amount for giving away free Lee Cooper bags!
    stick around :-)

  3. wow!!

    i wont care a damn about whether it was original or no!! its a surprise gift!! hehe!!

    lovely day spent!! :)


  4. Oh wow! Hey if it looks good, who cares :-) A very happy mother's day to you.

  5. wow, it must hv been a nice feling :-D wish to have more and more happy momas day in future :-D

  6. what a lovely surprise...:)
    like u said the best things are quite unplanned...:)

    happy mom's day to you...

  7. Wow! seems like you had a lovely envious time :)

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  10. Yes, unplanned events are the best!
    Happy to know you had fun.