Friday, May 2, 2008

It was my first time!

Its a famous saying "There is always a first time !" and it I had a "my first time" moment today - first time to meet a blogging buddy - IN PERSON! I was quite excited about the thought of meeting someone off the blogging world and when I met her, she reciprocated the exact same feeling! I met "How do we know" today evening. But hey, let me start from the beginning.

After exchanging a few emails and some phone calls, we decided on the time and venue. When I reached the destination I called her up to see where she was. She said she was nearby and walking towards Nirulas. I waited for her just outside the entrance and told her what I was wearing. And then I saw a little girl , who eemed no older than a first year college student, walking towards me with a look that said "Are you ~nm?" and when she was close enough, neither of us even asked to confirm our guesses and said "Hey! Finally we meet up!" And then we went in and sat down. I don't even remember how we started our conversation. And it somehow didn't seem we were meeting for the first time. Not to me at least. HDWK, did you?

And soon after we both ordered icecreams and sat down digging at our chikoo and anjeer icecreams. We talked about our babies and our blogs and our blog friends and our work and our family and about Delhi and about Hyderabad and ...just about everything. We were there for about 40 minutes and time just flew.

We have promised each other to meet up again soon! Especially since both our work places are so close to each other.

How do we know, I can't tell you how much fun it was to meet you! And I so want to meet your little one - Ishaan some day too!


  1. ~nm, you ROCK!

    My thoughts EGGJACTLY. Only, i cld not have put it so well.
    Its very, very rare for things to fall in place so quickly from "Let's meet for coffee" to the actual coffee(OK, icecream, and don't let my dieting buddies read this).

    And time really, really flew! What is even more rare is for 2 people to meet and click easily (Insh-e-allah to that!)

    This was my first meeting with a blog buddy too, and i was as excited.. was looking forward to it all day. :-)

    And when we meet next, you must remind me to tell u what i thot of u when i first saw u :-)

  2. Interesting thoughts...

    I guess we all have our FIRST times...over the few years I have made so many friends from internet that I cant even say how lucky I am cos they are uncountable...

    Fun is that I am in US and my friends are all over the world and u both were in Delhi itself...I am not sure if I will be able to see many net friends ever in my life...

    God Bless Net!!!


  3. happy birthday, dear blog-space!!
    and congrats gurlie!!! :)

    and u met a blog-pal...aww..! i haven't met anyone yet :(

  4. Happy birthday Blog:)

    Ohh..I want to meet a blog friend too..and I was about to..but:(...Aryan's mom ARE YOU LISTENING :(

  5. Hey, now you've started me on my fantasy trips of how I'll meet my blog-buddies!!(Not that I have any that live in my part of the world!)

  6. :))))) may your friendship bloom, grow, all that!! :)

    i'd like some chikoo ice cream too!! next time, i india do, u get me chikoo ice cream. okie, i go now.