Thursday, May 15, 2008

The storm yesterday

We had a major thunderstorm yesterday morning in Delhi. The sky went pitch dark around 10 AM with gusty winds and thrashing rains.

However, I got to see the impact in the evening only when I saw this tree broken down because of the storm. And in fact it had fallen on a fellow resident's car and it got smashed at one corner. And this fellow is a 70+ doc staying with his wife. I feel so bad about the doc to be going around at this age to get his car repaired.

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  1. oh man... poor car...hope it didnt do much damage otehr than this car...

  2. Oh thats so sad.

    But the silver lining is that the weather must have cooled down for u all, right?

  3. It hasn't rained here in weeks. And although I don't want anything damaged, I'd LOVE a storm, starting about now. It's INFERNALLY hot.