Friday, May 2, 2008

My contribution..

..towards global warming..err..I mean to minimize it have so far been:

At work:
  1. Switching off monitor when going for lunch. 30 min of saving is good..right?
  2. Always switching off my system the end of the day when I go back home.
At home:
  1. Switching on lights only where we are sitting.
  2. Lesser usage of tissue. I have this REALLY bad habit of using lots of tissue!
  3. We use not more than 1-2 hours of A/C at home at night, so no scope of reduction possible there.
  1. No switching on of car A/C during mornings when I go to drop Betu to school and to drive back to work. Its around 8:30 Am and its pretty warm but then its not scorching.
  2. And no A/C in evenings as well when I leave office around 6 PM. Its pretty hot by then and me and Betu both end up in lots of sweat by the time we reach home but then its fine.
Its been 10 days since I have been at it and have been successful so far. Have you thought about changing some bits of your lifestyle towards this thought? If yes, what have they been? If not, think about it and watch the documentary by Al Gore "An Inconvenient Truth". I wrote about it here.

There has to be a conscious thought towards this or else it will not happen. And slowly this conscious effort will become a habit and everything will seem so easy.


  1. Thats good :)

    I try carpooling with my dad.
    At home, mom has drilled the 'switch-lights-after-you're-done' rule.
    And ACs for more than a couple of hours is unheard of in the city anyways:D

  2. Your posts are so motivating! Today only I was also thinking of writing a post about what I can do or am doing to be environment friendly. Well, that wa an afteraffect of your earlier post. :)
    Would love to know how much recycling is possiblr in New Delhi right now. Earlier you had these kabadi walas collecting plastic and paper and paid money for it. How is it now?

  3. yeah... been trying... almost for 2 years now... and i still sometimes do give in to convenience. but yeah, it's a lot better than a couple years back with me! :D

  4. Replacing all your light bulbs to energy saving ones, not using plastic bags, using less water for dish washing...right now, this is what is popping up in my mind.

  5. that's so awesome!!! I do my own bit to - take cloth bags when going out grocery shopping, composting.

  6. @all: Good going everyone! We must keep trying, little by little and we surely will make a huge difference. Some of you have given me ideas on what to start doing next! Thanks!

  7. Good work on this post. Reminds me of my own rather pathetic efforts, which are usually more directed at saving money but involve saving energy anyway :P . Hankies instead of tissues; public transport or walking; lights and fans turned off judiciously.. yadda yadda.

    And I shall shamelessly go off to air-conditioned StarMark in City Centre, and read that book on environment all day.
    Had a glance at it the other day, will tell you what it is.

  8. more power to you!!! power-pun not intended. ;p i am inspired to write about this now. will do soon this week. will letu know hen i do. :)