Monday, May 19, 2008

May 12, Thursday

And the year was 1983.

I remembered this date while talking about something with a friend today morning. I'm sure anyone can guess that this date must be so special to me and that's why I still remember it. Yup. It sure was special. There were 2 reasons. One, I was going to be meeting Appa after more than 6 months. Second, it was to be my first airplane ride.

I was not even 8 years old then. So you can understand my glee and the fact that I had started to memorise this date the day I came to know about it. The day, when we were going to fly to go to my Appa! To Iraq. And the date was May 12, Thursday. I would keep repeating this in my head n number of times during the day.

Ma had gotten new shoes for me and I wore them right from the morning after I got ready after my bath. They were nice maroon ballerina kind of shoes. Yes I remember them too! And I also vividly remember that I had loved them so much that after every few steps, I would wipe the soles lest they get ruined. Yeah I was that enthralled with my new shoes!

I don't remember much after from the time we got into the flight. I just remember when the food came and I saw a nice big black grape in the salad bowl. I quickly undid the poly wrap and ate it quickly. It tasted awful! Not at all like a grape. And I thought what kind of a grape that was. Only now I can guess that it might have been a black olive and not a grape. :D

My next memory is after we got down from the flight, I started to scan through the glass walls to spot Appa. And suddenly I saw my younger sister rushing towards one point and then started to jump up and down. And then I saw Appa. But obviously she was so excited that she wanted to go right through those glass walls in Appa's arms! She was just 4.5 years young that time. Almost the age that Anirudh is currently.

And then the next memory is that I was looking so awed at all those men in while cloaks with black & white chequered scarf on their heads held on with a black ring. I was quite amused with their greeting style. it seemed they were exchanging air kisses once on the right, then on the left, again on the right and then on the left. It went on for at least 6-7 times. I really found that funny.

I don't remember much after that until the next afternoon when me, Appa and Ma were lazing in the bedroom. Appa and Ma asked me to go and look for my younger sis as she had been missing for a while and we couldn't hear her. So up I went around looking for her and when I reached the room where the fridge was kept I almost shrieked. I saw her sitting on the bed with one chocolate in her hand, the fridge door was open and bits and pieces of chocolate all over the floor. I still have a crystal clear memory of that scene. I ran to the bedroom to tell Appa & Ma about it. They came and took her away. But I was quite devastated. Since she had almost eaten away or thrown away all the chocolates that Appa had gotten for us.

When I think of these memories now, I just can't help but laugh and smile remembering them.


  1. i am not surprised these fond memories are etched in your memory-bank!

    you must check with your sis if she remembers any of it? especially about the raiding the fridge for the chocolates!

    did your dad get you another batch of chocolates to make up for the ones she devoured? :P

  2. Fond Memories :-) I can imagine how nostalgic you were as you wrote this post :)

  3. wow.. nice memories of shildhood.. that too, photographic :-D great... so, did dad buy u more chocolates? :-D

  4. I remember a bit of these, as you had told me these. I wonder when, after you came back from iraq, or did ma writ about it. Oh! Now I remember, when we went to visit you. Yes! You also mentioned about the black "grape"! Ha ha ha! This is such a lovely memory. Good that you wrote it down.

  5. So, this is an evidence of your big fondness for chocolates going back to your childhood, at 8!

  6. had a good laugh reading it again. :-D