Monday, December 24, 2007

We are going on a winter holiday!

Oh yes we are! :D

We are on our way to Jaipur right now sitting in the Volvo which starts from Bikaner House near India Gate.

Tomorrow morning we will start along with in laws for Udaipur. We plan to see Chittaurgarh on the way. I have heard its a beautiful tower there.

I am so super excited! And Betu is excited just about the bus trip! :)

When he started to get unwell on Saturday and at night was wailing away complaining of ear pain I was thinking 'There goes our trip!' What a mom I am you must be thinking. Worrying more about the trip being cancelled than about betu's pain :P

It turned out to be what we dreaded - an ear infection. But now his ear pain is gone but the cold and cough is still there which is under control though. And we are praying hard it gets better and not worse during the trip.

And this is a pic of betu sitting in the bus wearing his Santa cap which his Nanu got for him :)

Wishing you all a merry Christmas!

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  1. Mery Christmas to you and Betu - have a safe holiday.

  2. Merry X'mas and have FUN! (which I think you already are! LOL!)

  3. Happy Holidays...
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    "Let him take "Pankhaja Kasturi Breathe easy cough syrup". Daily burn velakannai or nai deepam at home.

    Write about your trip