Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The encounters!

Every now and then we meet people and they say or do something which either leaves you aghast or laughing inside as out of courtesies you cannot laugh as such. I just remembered a few from the past today:

Incident 1:
Not so long ago I was taking out some relatives for some outing. From my rear view mirror I saw the one sitting in the back seat rolling down the window and trying to throw the tissue outside. I immediately said "Mujhe de dijiye, main dustbin mein daal deti hoon" (Give it to me, I will throw it in hte dustbin) but I was too late and the tissue was thrown out before I could have made myself heard. But the funny part was the comment from that person "Yahan par mana karte hain bahar fainkne se?" (Is not not allowed to throw here). I literally rolled my eyes thinking aren't we old enough to know that we are not supposed to litter around?

Incident 2:
Looking at one of the home tuition inserts in the newspapers today morning reminded me of my accounts tutor in my 12th standard in Calcutta. I still remember my first day there so very clearly and have a hearty laugh thinking about it even now. My tutor, Mr. Ghosh Dastidaar, was an old fellow and had a squint. It had been just a few minutes into the tuition on the first day and he asked as question. I was sitting in the front with a few people sitting behind me. I was so confused if he was asking me or someone at the back. Somehow in the confusion I looked back and then looked in the front again towards the tutor. Suddenly I see him, pointing his finger at me saying "I'm talking to you!!" with a stern voice.

I remember getting a bit nervous then but now I find the whole incident so funny :D

Incident 3:
I was in college then. It must have been the year 1994 or 1995. I don't remember exactly. We went to watch the movie 'Cliffhanger' starring ooh-so-sexy Sylvester Stallone then at Chanakya Cinema hall. It was among the only 2 movie theaters who used to show English movies too here in Delhi. So a group of 7-8 friends went to watch the movie after college. As the movie started, we could hear someone translating the dialogs in Hindi and telling it to someone. For a few minutes we just ignored it but after 10 mins it got really irritating and we turned around to find a couple sitting right behind us and it was the guy who was translating the movie to his wife in Hindi. It was obvious she didn't understand English and they looked newly married kinds. We turned back in our seats without saying a word thinking not to spoil their together-moments but after another 10 mins we were not able to enjoy the movie because of their not-so-translation-whisperings. So we finally turned to them and told us the problem and since the theater had a some empty seats around we asked them to move there :D

It was a sweet gesture on the guy's part to try to make his wife enjoy the movie but then I fell they really should have gone to watch a Hindi movie to really spend some good together-moment! Right?


  1. hmmmm it was 1994 for sure!! Even we college friends bunked college for that movie.

    Was it raining that day?? Just by chance :-)

  2. LOL about the squint eyed professor. We had one like that as well and it was perpetual confusion whom he was addressing at times.