Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some clicks from my new phone!

I am so happy using my new Blackberry not just as a phone or for checking my emails or or general internet browsing or for chatting but also for randomly clicking away. The picture quality may not be super duper but its pretty decent!

Come check them out!!

Nov 29 '07: Sunset @ approx 5 PM

Nov 29 '07: Sunset @ approx 5 PM

Nov 30 '07: Dahlia in my house

Nov 30 '07: Dahlia's in my house

Nov 30 '07: Betu snuggling in Papa's arms!

Dec 2 '07 : The roving eye!

P.S. I'm yet to figure out some settings for the camera so thats why those sunset pictures came out in such small size.