Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Funny or stupid or plain dumb?

Today Anirudh's school had a function for celebrating Christmas. And all the children who participated got gifts in the end.

So as we were going towards the car, me and Betu, I put the gift on top of the car to make my hands free to open the car. I'm sure you can imagine what must have happened after that. I just forgot about it and settled in the car and drove off. We had just driven about 6 meters that I had to apply brakes and I could sense something falling and the next moment I see the gift toppled on to the side. :P

I got out, picked up the gift but it had broken partially but was repairable. Thank god for that since whole way Betu kept telling me "Aapne galti kari na?" (you made a mistake right?). He stopped pointing at my mistake only when I repaired it. :D

I was laughing thinking about me driving with things on the car roof. I don't know whether its funny or stupid or plain dumb of me.

Edited to add: The moment Hubby set his foot in the house, with the bag still on his shoulder, Betu runs to him and tells him the entire falling gift and repairing incident! Sheesh!! This boy will never let me keep any secrets..will he?

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  1. Happens sometimes..Anirudh is a smart boy ( to keep reminding u of ur mistake!)..guess somewhat like D (of d and dlittle), i read something similar at her blog today.

  2. Ha ha ha! That was really funny!
    But lucky you that Anirudh's gift did not break into pieces.

  3. I did the same thing last week. We had a major snowstorm and my office closed early. I was the last one out because I had to take care of a few "network" things before leaving. I made myself a cup of tea before leaving as Iknew I'd have to sit in traffic for hours. I placed the cup on the hood of my car so I could put all my stuff in and then in my hurry forgot the tea as I drove off!! Hota hai, hota hai!

  4. " aapne galti kari na" I just love his sentences !

    D once put his phone on the top and drove off. He had to get a new phone the next day !

  5. I will remember this when I get my own car.

  6. Stone: Yeah yeah yeah!!

    @all: gives me a kind of a pleasure that I'm not alone in such things :P

  7. Haha!Kids these days are so smart.
    We never were :(

    Oh n welcome . Do visit again :)

    n Do You Write? Gee, you write well.

  8. Hahhahah..I remember you telling me that you are forgetful ..but this ...hhehehehe...I found this too funny :) And I am imagining ppl looking at your car and laughing at you on the way ..hhehehhe

  9. Thank god it was repairable - betu is just making sure that you never dare repeat this mistake ever - :). to Kids,Gifts are sacred - never tamper with them !