Monday, December 3, 2007

These funny things!

Every now and then I come across such funny/interesting things over the internet that I just can't resist sharing it with you all. And here are 2 of them that I chanced upon recently -

Barefoot Sneakers?? Helluva Funny!

I would definitely like to wear these funny looking sneakers and watch the expressions of others! Hehehe..

Interestingly shaped decanter!

Did you think these were decanters in the first place? Aren't they so amusing? The moment I saw this I was running a list of things I can use this to store in.


  1. Loved both! Very cool, aren't they?

  2. hee hee..
    these are so kool...
    and i wanna buy these sneakers...
    where are they..?

  3. LOL, the sneakers are quite interesting!

    Happy belated birthday.

  4. Those were some funny sneakers nm!the artsy decanters are cool too.