Friday, December 7, 2007

It was a usual night...

Time is 10:15 PM. The lights are switched off, all are in bed and one can hear the sounds of insects in the complete silence. I can hear Betu's breathing, sleeping between me and hubby. I think to myself "So gaya". The next moment I see hubby propping himself halfway up and looking at me.

Me: "Kya hua?".

Hubby: "So gaya?"

Me: "Haan".

Hubby: "Idhar aa jayo".

Me: "ok".

I slide away the blanket, sit up and am about to go over the other side...

"Kahan ja rahee ho Mumma?"

Me: "Kahin nahi beta. Yahin hoon."

Hubby and me both lie down at their respective places, put the blanket back on and pat him to sleep. The whole family dozed off soon after.


  1. Well, I know the way Rishab sleeps, it won't really matter where he is sleeping. He is a good sleeper. But
    why isn't Anirudh sleeping in his own bed? Have you tried it already? Did it not work out? Since he gets disturbed easily at night, I think you seriously need to think it over.
    Unless you say it does not really disturb you much.

  2. atleast your hubby called you :) . I would sleep happy and peaceful if G would even call me like that, even if i have to sleep far from him. He doesn't even know how to manage when kiddo is around :( I have to initiate all the time :( Anyway cheers! :)

  3. Ohh..I empathize ..:)
    I would also agree , you shd now try for his bed.

  4. LOL! What can I say? Kids are kids...they will want a bro or sis, but not leave room for making it.

  5. heeheehee. Betu ko doosre room mein sulana zaroori hai ;-)

  6. PG & all: He's a tight sleeper too. It was just that we mistook that he was already asleep but in reality he was still awake :)

  7. sounds like a scene played out in many bedrooms :-)

    making the kids sleep separately maybe the solution, but till such time one manages to achieve this status, it might be a better idea to shift to the kid's room for undisturbed conjugal bliss :-)

  8. Oh yeah, sounds a lot like us right now, except that sameer will cry or start to get restless, instead of asking, "kahan ja rahe ho mumma?"

  9. hhahahha..Aadya cant talk now..but she just starts crawling and crying with her eyes closed!!LOL

  10. lol :) been there done that!

    Good he didnt ask, "mumma aap udhar kyoon ja rahi ho" :P

  11. hahahahaha
    can't stop smiling after reading this one.
    I can only say Try try Try again, till ....