Monday, December 3, 2007

Addictions are an integral part of life!

They are definitely in mine! And I've plenty to talk about. And they keep increasing in numbers and never decreasing!

Be it food related or just general habits. If I categorise I think I can create 3 categories of my addiction - To food, to things and to people.

Well, I've talked about my addiction to good food so many times already that I won't start off again. And you are already aware of the degree of my addiction to chocolates :P

Coming to the second category - Addiction to Things! Now this is quite a diverse category in itself. I can list down so many things in here. Like addiction to my PC, to my blogs, to my Google Reader, to my Blackberry, to the Internet, to clicking away with my camera at any occasion or just like that (who needs an excuse to click anyways :P). I also have an addiction to my side of the bed! It has to be it when I sleep or I don't sleep well at all!

Moving to the last but not the least is the addiction to people. People whom you look so very forward to talk to them to meet them or to just chat up with them over IMs. I certainly have a few people on my list with whom I just have HAVE to talk every day even if its just 2 lines of chat on an IM otherwise the entire day seems incomplete. An essential part of my life seems missing till I finally talk to them. Such fierce is the addiction to certain people in my life.

And frankly I'm not even bothered if its right or wrong. I know its there and I gladly accept it. In fact I love it. And want it.

I know this might seem like a crazy nonsensical post but I just had to write it out. For my own sake!


  1. Ohh I can sure echo your feelings ;-")

  2. I am addicted to all those things as well..except for the chocolate I think they are all pretty healthy:):)

  3. me too, me too - guilty of all these addictions !

  4. no, not at all... its not nonsensical at all.
    Cos I am there too :D