Monday, December 17, 2007

Anyone heard this song?

The song 'Sakhi Piya' from 'Khoya Khoya Chand'? I just so love it. Its SO VERY beautiful. It somehow touches me deep down. I have already played it over and over again 4 times. And its still playing :)

Sometimes it seems like a nice romantic song and sometimes a 'virah' song. I just can't think of an apt word for 'Virah' in English. 'Virah' would mean missing the spouse. It would mean the yearning for the partner. It does not mean being sad.

The background score is so soft and melodious. Plus its sung beautifully too by Pranav Biswas and Shreya Ghosal.

I also like the title track a lot. I'm hoping to watch the movie soon too!


  1. It is a direct lift from 'Kya mausam hai....aey deewane dil, chal hai door nikal jaayein" !!

  2. oops I got confused with 'O re paakhi' of same movie :-(

  3. No, I haven't heard it yet. I better go and get the CD then.