Friday, November 30, 2007

Such a wonderful day it was!

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful birthday than it was yesterday! It started with a big puchha and "Happy Birthday Mumma!" wish from Anirudh and a big nice hug from Hubby. I've lost count of the amount of SMSes and the phone calls that kept coming through the entire day till with the last one being at 10 PM. And last but not the least so many wishes that I got from all the blogger friends. You all made my day!

It makes me happy! Really happy to be remembered and loved and wished by so many people. I'm sure anyone else in my position would feel as happy and as elated as I was.

In the morning I decided to take some goodies to Betu's daycare and after talking to them they felt muffins would be a good idea to go along with the evening snacks. So I picked up some chocolate and raisin muffins from a nice bakery in New Friends Colony and reached about 15 mins before their snack time. I was told that their music class is on so I was waiting in the lounge. A little late one of the nannies came and asked me to come to the music room. I went and the moment I entered all these tinny little kids started to sing 'Happy Birthday' song in the their such sweet voices! I was so taken by surprise and had wet eyes by the time they finished! It was such a sweet and wonderful gesture and I just hugged them all and said thank you! I think that was the best birthday gift. THE BEST!

My eldest sister who lives in US ordered a cake online. It was a cappuccino cheese cake with a moist brownie base! It was just so delicious! It simply melted in the mouth! In the beginning everyone was saying to give just a little as everyone was trying to avoid eating too much sweet. But after one bite, everyone went for the second helpings! Now you can imagine how delicious it was! Here's the pic of that sumptuous, finger licking cake -

And this is Anirudh helping me cut the cake -

In the evening, when Anirudh realised we are going to have party in the evening, he was so excited and kept wishing me every now and then! And not only that. I got showered with so many kisses from him all of the evening :D

We all went out for yummy south Indian food at Sarvana Bhawan at Janpath, near Connaught Place for dinner. It was three of us along with Appa, Amma, Mausiji (Amma's sister who lives in US), Chacha-Chachi, Hubby's Mausaji-Mausiji and his cousin sister.

So now you can see what a wonderfully celebrated birthday it was for me!


  1. Belated b'day wishes. Sounds like you had a good time. And the cake looks yummylicious!!! Can I have a bite too?

  2. Belated birthday wishes to you :)
    That looks like one yummy cake :)

  3. Belated birthday wishes. Incidentally it was my sisters birthday too on nov 29.

  4. happy happy birthday...very sweet of the kids to sing for you! and the cake looks too good!

  5. many happy returns....

    the cake looks delicious..and saravanna bhavan...i'm homesick :))

  6. Belated birthday wishes nm!yum,yum that cake looks lovely!!

  7. Belated B'day wishes, Nm! More than ever I wish we'd met up yesterday. :-) Here's wishing that this year makes you a very happy, contented person. And- you're a Sagi! No wonder i like you so much!

  8. Late Lateef :( thats me!

    Belated wishes, nm. So sorry ... have been totally out of blogworld for a long time now. Will cath up on ur posts.
    Hope u have a great year ahead