Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Never say never!

Coz you don't know when you will be doing things that you once said 'Never!!" to.

It happened with me today morning. Whenever I would go to drop Betu at school and see mums in their crumpled night dresses and unkempt, uncombed hair, I would shake my head and say I will never do that. I may not take a bath before going to drop Betu at school but I make sure I comb my hair and are properly dressed even if its my slacks and Ts.

But that's what I exactly did today morning. And when I was driving to the school I realised what state I was in and how I despised being in that state. Ugghh...


  1. yup, dude, nothing teaches you to not be judgemental better than motherhood, huh?
    i would always crib and complain about how unkempt people's houses were after they had kids. umm, now, i know my dust bunnies by name.

  2. VERY WELL SAID :)))

    So many things we assume while we are free proves so wrong later!