Friday, November 2, 2007

Of bondings and friendships!

Have you noticed how quickly you vibe so good with someone and with others even after tonnes of efforts, it is just a superficial bonding? A person may completely be an unknown stranger but when you start talking it feels like you are long lost friends meeting/talking after ages! And then there are people who you have known for years and may be even relatives but even after trying to bond with them, you just share this over the skin kind of relationship because you have to! So you just smile and talk to them, showing so much interest as if they mean the world to you!And its only you who knows its a farce.

I certainly have tonnes of people that I know which I can put in both of these categories!

Once I was talking to one such stranger and when it was time to go our own ways, I very casually said "Bye friend." And that person said "Are you sure you can call me a friend yet? I think I will still call you just an acquaintance." I agreed. But then sometimes out of courtesies we do tend to show the extended arm of friendship. I definitely do. Do you too?

Lets talk about the former group of people since the other group doesn't need much of our attention anyways..right? :D The ones with whom you just click immediately. With whom the chemistry is instant! So many occasions when I've been left awed and probably shocked too at myself that how could I be so comfy with a complete stranger in such a short span of time. So much so that we even decide to share some contact information so that we can be in touch from now on.

From a short meeting at a bus stop or on the road or in the bus or in the train or in the lounges of airports/malls and even a simple bump at a shop, how it grows into a deep friendship.

I may not be making any sense to a person who's not gone through this kind of a friendship. You might find me insane!


  1. You are so right. I have met people who seem like long lost friends. I am not in touch with many of my friends but when I talk to them - its like going on and on from the time we left off.

  2. wow!
    yes very tru

    this chemistry is an intrestign thing to be though moer about!!

  3. Yep very true though as I get older(oopsdid I jus admit that) I find it difficult to bond with new people.

  4. *Nodding her head in agreement*Yes there are people with whom it takes very little time to hit off and they have turned out tobe pretty good friends of mine too. It's amazing when that happens.

  5. No, I don't find you insane at all and at the risk of being laughed at or finding ME insane, I can try to explain it to you in as short as possible because I have a spiritual answer to this( I think, I came across this explaination when we were discussing some related topic at my AOL course in India) -

    "these are karmic connections. Karmic connections or soul groups are people we feel instantly familiar with. We have a sense of connection stemming from a previous life or lives either in a positive or negative setting. Soulmates are two people who are extremely compatible on most levels. The connection is usually extensive, spanning several lives and for the most part positive. We can have several soulmates, and they can be in incarnation with us or acting as guides for our present life."

    But offcourse you have to believe in reincarcination and karma, which I do and it explains when you and we all have felt the instant familiarity at times with total strangers. I haven't come across any other explaination for this, so I have accepted the one that I just wrote above.

    I hope you don't think that I have lost it !! On a serious note, I have accepted the above explaination but, its ok if you don't, as we all have different beliefs :-)

    And sorry for hogging so much comment space.

  6. Not insane at all. I have been through this many times. Found great friends in matter of minutes while there are many I simply cant gel with.

    If you are insane, I am too!

  7. RJ, JLT & Naina : Good to know that I'm not the only one who feels and acts like this.

    Altering Abhi: Yes, I also need to think more and analyse what this word 'chemistry' is all about.

    2B's Mommy: I was nodding my head and going hmm reading through what you wrote. To some extent it kind of unveils the whole thing to me! At least to some extent. Thanks for taking out time to explain this! And don't worry. You can hog as much comment space as you want :) Its free :) hehehehe...

  8. Hi,

    First time on your blog.
    I think its all about the wavelength!!!