Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After a long break!

I had been away to Jaipur since Nov 5th and arrived in the evening on Nov 12th. It was a good long holiday for me and Anirudh. Since I still haven't started working, Betu's Dadu-Dadi wanted to spend time with him. So we both went there early with his Chahu-Chachi. Hubby joined us there later on 8th morning.

On the way we stopped at Haldiram on the Delhi-Jaipur highway and had something to eat. Betu also had his share of rides there in the play area.

On the way we saw a motorcyclist riding the bike while standing. He seemed so cool and waved at us. We saw 2 more such cyclists on the way so it made me think if it was a kind of a road show.
Betu had a blast with his cousins and Dadu-Dadi there. But then he also realised he can throw tantrums there and Dadu-Dadi or Chachu-Chachi or his Bua will save him from me :) The kids are so very smart these days. Oh boy!

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