Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chocolate Coasters!!

What more are they going to come up with? Of all the things a chocolate coaster!!?? But what a waste of chocolate to be used this way! At least I think so! What do you say?


  1. Ha, she is back with mouth watering chocolate pictures!

  2. Oh, first missing and now so many posts !!!

    I read all your posts thru reader & tried my best not to come here to comment as my schedule is very hectic these days but then you put your trump card by showing this mouth watering chocolate. :-)

    I would have eaten the coaster !

  3. The coasters look great, but they have used a rubber compund to make these. So they only resemble a chocolate bar in color and shape. In a way its good for people who want to reduce their sweet intake and yet love chocoaltes :-)

  4. I am trying to lose weight here, girl ! These pics make me run to the fridge looking for a chocolate !!!

  5. you really are passionate about choclate huh?

  6. Ruchika : IF they are used by persons like me they will not reduce but would enhance the cravings!!

    Stone: Ahh... a non chocoholic you are! I pity you! You are missing on the heavenly blessings!!

    2Bs Mommy : Sorry :P

    Mona : You need more proof of that? :D

  7. I think it is meant to be eaten after the coffee. Then again, if it has rubber in it, mayne not for eating. What a waste of chocolate.