Friday, November 2, 2007

Dancing shoes for a parent and child!

The first words that crossed my mind when I saw the picture of dancing shoes for a parent and a child were "WOW! What an idea!"

Isn't this such a wonderful idea? I would have loved to have them when Anirudh was younger! Definitely not now unless I go completely insane and really want to break my toes! :D

Aren't these so very cute? I just keep looking at them and going "Awww!" But man, are they expensive? Euro 80 for a pair!! Phew! The producers made sure its not just the shoes that are mind boggling but the price too!


  1. Awwww.... can you just picture those tiny feet...? Awww....

  2. Aww.. these are really cute. But my!they are surely pricey.

  3. 80 euros!!!! Gosh.

    For use or not, they would make a cute show-piece :)

  4. Great idea!! Those shoes are really help to make a better relation between daughter and a father. :-)