Sunday, November 25, 2007

Its been so long...

..since I have been away from my blogs. Literally and completely away. I felt so disjointed and so disinterested to even go and take a look at them in all these days for reasons that I would not go into now since I'm over with them and feel happy that I decided to make a comeback. As I was writing this word 'comeback' I felt so funny as if I'm a great superstar who's making a comeback and as if all my audience has been eagerly waiting for me to write :) Hehehe..

And why I decided to start writing is that I was suddenly feeling quite happy since yesterday afternoon even though nothing amazing or out of the world has happened to make me feel this way. Probably I was just going through this 'off-mood' phase. It was so bad that nothing seemed remotely interesting or nice to read or write about. I didn't even want to read the other blogs much. I did try to make a forceful and strained effort to read and comment but stopped after a few random ones. It was so much so that my reader tells me I've 278 unread posts in all of my blog subscriptions *whoopie* guys have been going crazy writing or what? :D And I'm so scared looking at the number that I've to catch up on..once again. *whew*

Anyways, whatever it was I'm glad its gone. I'm sure you will get used to my such mood swings if you visit me here often. :D


  1. Good to see some new posts on your blog. Loved the quiz you posted on Anirudh's blog. Happy Happy day!

  2. hey nm :)
    Good to see you back... and dont worry, we all, atleast i go through this time and again!

  3. LOL! Yeah, I do know the feeling.

    Glad you're back. :)