Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots to catch up!

Last week with in-laws visiting and then my friend dropping by for 2 days I had literally no time to read or write blogs. So yesterday when I finally logged on and opened my Google Reader I saw 163 unread posts just under the blogs section. I almost fell off my chair thinking how many posts I need to catch up with. Just a few days and so many posts written by so many bloggers? Gosh!

And at the same time I realised how many blog subscriptions I've under my belt and I also kind of felt left out since I didn't get to read them as and when they were written! So yesterday feeling something like I this I just closed my Reader. I got really bogged down by the number.

But today I decided I will read them all. No getting up from the table till everything is cleaned off from the plate :)

So all you guys who didn't get any comments from me on your posts and didn't find any new posts also on my blog, you will get to see them all now! As they say "Better late than never!"

Its 12:15 Am on Nov 2, 2007 and I just finished reading and commenting on all the pending piled up posts! Yay! I almost managed to stick to my word of finishing them all today! :D A 15 min margin is allowed no? And now you know why would there be comments from me on posts written days ago :P


  1. Thinking aloud : There are still 135 more to go! *phew*

  2. nm,

    Danke my friend for reading mine ;)

  3. I am waiting, girlie :P

    Just kidding. But I love reading your posts!