Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrating Hubby's birthday...(contd.)

So after a not so good start of the birthday for hubby, it went good on the whole for hubby minus me. Because as soon as I started for work, I saw I had a flat tyre. So off I went to the puncture guy and see this huge line of cars waiting for getting their punctures repaired. On asking how"Kitna time lagega?", he said 1 hour! I just rolled my eyes and told him that he may just change the stepney for me. For that also I had to wait in scorching sun and really bad humidity for 30 minutes before he managed to change it. By the time it got done I was already a blob of wet tissue with sweat running down my back, my tummy, my face, neck..just everywhere!! And to top it, my A/C is not working since its gas needs to be refilled! Bah!! When it rains, it pours!

So after trying to stay awake at work after getting to sleep just for 3.5 hours the previous night, two 5-min snoozes not included :P, I reached home by 6 PM. Did chut-put chores and started to get ready. This time instead of having the party at home we had it at my Appa's club. So I was spared of all the cooking and running around in this bad heat!

The party went damn well. The food was yummy as always! We hadn't ordered cake this time. We always do but Hubby asked not to this time. I don't know why and somehow I also didn't ask him why shouldn't we have one. Betu was clearly disappointed and so were a few other people! :)

We had chilli-potato, tandoori aaloo and hara-kebab for snacks. Ginger-fizz and aam-panna for drinks. For the main course we had Salad, dahi bhalla which was changed for pineapple raita when it tasted slightly funny, kadhai paneer, corn-palak, dum aaloo peshwari (stuffed potatoes), rajma masala and peas pulav along with assortment of rotis (missi roti, butter naan, lachha parantha and tandoori roti). And it was rounded up with Kulfi for dessert.

The best part of the party was everyone got to relax an chit chat to the heart's content.

I had carried betu's crayons and a notebook to keep him busy. He had a company of a little girl "Shubhi" who is exactly one year older to him (They share the same birthday date except the year). And they had a blast playing together! So that gave me lot of time to sit and talk with all.

I haven't been able to download pictures yet so they will follow in the next post. Hopefully soon! A wonderful party for sure it was!


  1. not so good start for teh day, but ncie end :-D diod u ask hubby aft the aprty y he didnt want a cake? may be he dont want to show the number of candles ;-D

  2. Good to know that it went well. As they say, All is Well that Ends Well! And the food is sooooooooooo mouth watering. Yum yum yum!

  3. oooh!! all that yummy sounding food!! i am hungry and its hours before the dinner time!! sigh!

    what a terrible start to the day! hey but alls well that ends well!! :)



  4. The food part was the best,
    ITs great to have good time with your family and friends. Apparently makes you forget the AC ki gas problem and other such problems. :P

  5. Coool ...I need pics sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  6. A belated happy birthday to your hubby. I'm glad that it ended well. The food sounds so yummy! Just reading about it is making me hungry.

  7. Belated happy bday to your hubby.. alls well that ends well.. but no cake no fair!! :(

  8. First time here. Who would have remembered an ordinary b'day party? This is something you'll never forget:) Belated Happy Birthday to your husband.

  9. Sounds like a great party, will do something similar on my husband's b'day . Though it would be really nice if you can give some ideas on what to gift him :)

  10. Belated Happy Birthday to your husband - food sounded mouthwatering !

  11. its gr8 to read all those mouth watering veg delicacies
    seems everyone is so non-veg these days
    i love rajma, and dahi bhalle and aam pana
    yummy :)

  12. Late I am! And yet my heartiest wishes to your hubby.
    Great to know that even if the start wasnt so good, yet you managed to have a great end to the day.
    Enjoy :)