Monday, June 2, 2008

Some clicks...

...from the trip to Jaipur (May 24-25, 2008).

A Koel in the neem tree in our house!

Gulmohar Tree in full bloom in front of our house!

Had some refreshing 'ganne ka ras' at Raja Park, Jaipur.

Mr Camel is smiling for the picture! :)

Football Lily in its glory in our house!


  1. Loved the lily! Camera is amazing. How could you capture the koel :)

  2. Cool pics! :)
    I like the camel and the lily one the most!

  3. How did you manage to capture a koel? I've never seen one before, although have heard them!

    The lily looks really amazing - congrats :D

  4. ahh..Koel and Lily pics are awsome.. Beaufitul catches. Good Going Buddy :)

  5. The Gulmohar tree brought back memories from school. Nice pix.

  6. Great pics! Loved the flowers, seemed to be straight out of my own childhood memories..Ridiculous as it may sound, I have been growing neem and gulmohar in pots (yeah, laugh as much as you can!) just to be able to smell the coolness of their shade during hot summer!

  7. lovely pics! a slice of life in every form! :)

  8. Just saw that I haven't commented. Nice pics! I like the Cuckoo one so much. I think it is not an easy one. :)