Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Saw the movie "Indiana Jones And the kingdom of the crystal skull" last Thursday. It was a premiere at PVR Select City walk and we got invited by Avi bhaiyya (cousin brother) as they had free passes with them.

I loved the movie. Although towards the end it did become a bit too dramatic. I have always adored Harrison Ford and its the first time that I agree that he has started to look a wee bit old what with his sagging cheeks. (I was about to write something naughty here but restrained myself :P)

So do watch it if you can. I don't remember the earlier ones at all so can't compare. Anirudh did get a little scared when those little pygmies started hopping from left, right and center and shooting with their arrows and attacking the movie leads! But he enjoyed having a seat along with a bag of pop corns all by himself!! (Gawd..the pop corns were so expensive..Rs 75/- for a medium one!) We had gotten the last row of seats and you bet they were so comfy!


  1. popcons and almost anything is real costly @ PVR and all teh new multiplexes... :(

    many of my frndz said Indianajhones is nice.. will give it a whirl... :)

  2. if u enjoyed this - watch the earlier ones...they're more witty and enjoyable :)

  3. but i have to say...even at his age - i still adore harrison ford!

  4. so anirudh had fun too!!

    seriously popcorn is so ridiculously expensive!! as are the tix and everything else!! :(

    i hope to catch this one too!