Sunday, June 29, 2008

Huye huye hum...mast!

We, the Delhi bloggers, met today finally after making plans and talking about meeting 'someday soon' so many times!

And it surely was a full house what with 7-8 of us, some had come with their hubbies so about 4-5 guys and about 10 kids of all sizes crawling\running around everywhere!

Me and Suki reached early, thanks to Betu prodding me every 5 mins "hum kab jayenge?" ever since I told him that he will meet lot of friends today evening. And partially thanks to almost zero traffic on the roads. So although the time was set for 6 pm, we reached at 5:45 itself feeling a little embarassed about our over enthusiasm.

But with MM and her hubby, you definitely will be at ease very quickly! Soon a very sleepy brat and a chirpy bean trotted into the room! Beanie started to chatter up in her own baby language and I just couldn't help but smile looking at her. Brat took a while to warm up with Betu but soon they were inseparable creating such a ruckus that both me and MM had to keep asking them to calm down! :)

Around 6:30 RaisingT walked in with T and her sister nostalgic chica! T is the most adorable baby I have ever ever met! He is always smiling and such a happy child. As I said "hi baby!" he immediately gave me a big happy smile and waved his hand! And towards the end he was so sleepy but even then he was smiling and gurgling whereas other babies usually get so cranky! I even got puchhas from him on both my cheeks! RaisingT was so sweet too! She had returned from her Singapore trip at 2 am today itself and yet she came over!

The next to pop in was Chandni and her boy, nomad with a desk job. She was another chirpy and bubbly personality. And she was cribbing for loosing out on those malai kofta's the other day when Suki came over and was asking me when is she going to be invited next! Chandni,
soon is all I can say right now.

Then came birds eye view with chubbocks, puddi and her hubby! Puddi is as cute and cuddly as she looks in the picture! And BEV is very beautiful! She had baked a lovely chocolate cake and it was still warm when she handed it over to us! Ummm...I still have the taste of it in my mouth! It was that yum! She also got super soft dhoklas from a shop close to her place. They were just awesome!

Y dropped in straight from her way back to Delhi from her Jaipur trip. Peanut was a quiet cute little baby obviously tired from the 5 hour journey! And Y, she is so quiet that it took me a while to really absorb that she is the same bubbly person as she seems from her blog!

And MM and Y are such fakes when they talk about their weight issues. In fact looking at them made me think that its me who should be talking about weight issues and not them! MM can easily be passed for a girl doing her graduation! She looked so cool in that lovely cream dress and yes when she talks, she talks :) I still can't get over how beautifully she had decorated her house. Right from the stairs to the bathroom! Yes even the bathroom!

Around 8:15 or so Sraikh of ASAAN walked in with her kids. I am really in awe with this woman! For me she is no less than a superwoman managing kids and house in a country like US where you have no helping hands unlike in India. And here we are who crib about our 1 or 2 kids even when we have maids to our rescue!

We hogged on the yummy malpuas that Suki had got, popcorns, patties, wafers and but of course the yummy chocolate cake and dhoklas from BEV.

And I'm still reeling and trying to soak in all that happened in these 3 hours today evening!

There's still so much more to write about but I guess it shall be another post looking at how long this one has become already :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. arre photos kahan hai???
    i've never met a single blog-pal... but that's to come to an end soon! :)

  2. Pictures atleast of kids, links , more details , pleaseeeee soooooooooon.

  3. that sounds like an interesting meet

  4. yeah - Y is a fraud isnt she? she is so quiet that you have to keep checking to ensure she is around. she also called me scary - ab batao - am i scary?

  5. as long as u've mentioned dinner at some point, I am fine :D

    What fun it was! and can I please tell you, betu is the most well behaved kid ever!

  6. Now u got me jealous nm!!
    next time i'll fly

    Wish I were in Delhi yaar.

  8. arey madam jis photos toh dikhao ..

  9. awesome evening it sounds like!! :D

    and loved all the kiddie photos in the next post!! super stuff!!