Monday, June 9, 2008

What a start of hubby's birthday celebrations!

And I hope and pray never again!

Around 11 PM we started to get fluctuations. We called BSES and they did send some people. After checking and fiddling a lil bit they got it rectified and we sent off those repair guys thanking them. "Phew...thank god problem solved" we thought. But a bit too soon!

Suddenly all the light in the house went off except in the area where the switchboards were. We tried to call those BSES guys again but they said its some internal problem so they can't help it. So sitting in sultry humid summer night we sat waving newspapers while hubby went around looking for another electrician which we were told sleeps next to the nearby market. It was already 12:15 am by then. So while we waited for that electrician to come, we all wished hubby a very happy birthday! His parents had also arrived from Jaipur around 10:30 PM.

While we were waiting for the electrician, we realised that power was coming and it was only the light that was giving trouble. So we switched on the AC in my in-laws room and it switched on! "Wonderful" we thought. So off went to sleep Betu with his Dadu-Dadi while me and hubby waited. And finally the electrician got it to working order around 1:40 AM.

After he left, hubby and me managed to have some 'us' time since betu was sleeping in the other room! ;o)

So as I am writing this hubby is sleeping blissfully but after not that great a start! But maybe this is a sign. It may mean that all his hardwork will pay off like it did today. :)

Hope you have wonderful, happy, healthy, prosperous and love-filled year ahead chhona! Love you lots! More than I ever tell you!


Anyways, betu was not able to sleep


Dear hubby was trying to get hold of an electrician around 12 am.

It is 1:41 AM so you can imagine and we just got to our bedroom. So one can imagine

Edited to add: Once can easily see how zonked out I was to be writing such garble as in the italics above and actually post it too!! :P

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. Ahem Ahem !! :P

    Many Happy Returns to him and lots of sleepless nights like this to you both.


  2. Good Day ..but bad start :( Any way ..I am sure its end is going to be great ..and all is well that ends well. Plus these ups and downs make the special days memorable :D

    Happy Birthday to Bhaiya !

  3. Yikes, sounds beastly. In this heat too. Have been thanking god for the invertor we invested in a couple of months ago. Cal's having massive power cuts once more.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. NM!

  4. I hope the rest of the day goes on fine!!
    Happy Birthday to your DH :-)

  5. happy birthday to Mr.M! :)

    may he have a brilliant year ahead!


  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby and this was one hell of a start to his year.