Monday, June 9, 2008

I, me, myself!

Yeah this post is all about talking about self! Before you start thinking I'm so full of myself let me tell ya that I was actually begged to write about myself..OK OK..not begged but tagged! :D And so wanted to me to blow my own trumpets? First came Mama-Mia and then came Shruthi!

So here you go guys!

I'm: one big fat lazy bum!
I think: too much.
I know: I have a bad temper.
I want: a nice long holiday jut by myself.
I have: long hair.
I wish: we had our own house.
I hate: at sudden change of plans!.
I miss: my carefree self.
I fear: clever people who cna twist your arm without even your knowing that.
I feel: wonderful!
I hear: music.
I smell: nail paints, marker smells..yeah I'm weird :P
I crave: good chocolate.
I search: for things that I had kept away a bit too safely!
I wonder: how the god made this whole universe and us.
I regret: nothing.
I love: happiness.
I ache: when I see someone crying.
I care: Yes I do!.
I am not: stubborn!
I believe: whatever happens, happens for good.
I dance: (lets make this a past tense) I 'used' to dance.
I sing: not really..I bray!.
I cry: whenever someone showers love and affection on me.
I don’t always: listen to others.
I fight: a lot with hubby!
I write: Do I write? :D
I win: can I really win something? really?? :D
I lose: the battles with my child.
I never: can resist chocolates.
I always: plan ahead.
I confuse: left with right when giving directions.
I listen: to all but do what I want to :)
I can usually be found: with my blackberry!.
I am scared: of death.
I need: some good sleep.
I am happy about: finally getting this tag done! Phew!

Now its time to pass this on to other fellow bloggers- Life begins, Suki & Manpreet


  1. wow.. lot fo 'me' stuff.. :) nice tag.. make ppl know u better... :D
    we do sahre some similarities :)

  2. Nicely done, totally do the same thing with directions and sometimes while honey is driving I ask him to go right while actually showing him the left hand and meaning to say left! Weird me!

  3. You have long hair?? There you go into my bad books because I AM SO VERY JEALOUS!!
    We have one in common, wanting a good sleep.. sigh!

  4. You are not the only one who is weird in smelling nail paints and markers. Add to it Petrol and wall paint... Ha, ha, ha.

  5. :D

    very cool!! and with a voice like yours, you possibly cant bray!! :)


  6. "I confuse: left with right when giving directions."
    HA.I thought I was the only one with that problem.Good I have elite company ;-)
    And happy BirthDay to your Hubby.Pics pls