Monday, June 23, 2008

Meeting Suki...

Suki has already written her bit about her visit to my house quite elaborately but now I will cover up what she left out, intentionally or unintentionally :D

Lets start from the beginning. When she reached my place around quarter to nine, I saw this little bandanna clad girl with a big wide smile on her face who looked not any older than someone who would be studying in 11th standard. So must say I was quite awed by her size as I wondered about the serious, intense and wonderful writings that come out from this little girl? :D

Her Mausi had come along to drop her. So the moment she entered the house out came the lovely sondesh from her backpack. And I like a total fool started to munch on them even before asking them for a glass of water. And like a total moron was talking with m mouth full with the sondesh! Sheesh..I really know how to make a fool of myself in front of others. But what to do. I just couldn't resist. Soon after her Mausi left after I told her that we will drop her back home by 10:30 PM or so.

In the beginning Betu was hiding behind me as Suki was trying to say hello to him. But for the 5 minutes I disappeared from the scene to make tea for Hubby who entered home almost along with Suki from work, this is what I saw:

They both were playing together and were too engrossed wrestling with each other!

Since it was past 9 PM, I asked her if we shall talk over dinner to which she promptly agreed saying she was totally famished. I do not remember what all we talked about but we kept talking and talking while eating the dinner. And she kept raving about the malai kofta and the daal paranthas although I felt the salt was little more than required in the kofta. It did not at all feel as if I was meeting her for the first time! Not even for one single moment.

Betu was so eager to play with 'Suki Didi' that he kept asking me when will her dinner get over :D So once done, they both got down to play with the lego blocks. And attempts after attempt they finally managed to make one really tall tower.
And the tower was promptly broken by Betu once I had clicked a picture. You can still see the remains of hte tower in Suki's hands :)

When it was time for Suki to go, Anirudh kept asking why did she have to leave. I tried to explain but he was quite sad. So we told him that Suki didi will come and stay over at our place one day and only when Suki said yes to that, he kind of accepted her going.

I'm so looking forward to going with her one day roaming around the market and just spending time with her again.


  1. LOL, Raysh!
    And ~nm, I guess I just eat a bit more salt than you do, cause I thought the kofta was grand, let alone "just fine"!

    God, those pics are embarassing. I think you can see all the way down my oesophagus in the last one :P(but that's the one I like best - Betu and me laughing away even as the tower was falling down!)

  2. suki: i love the pic where u & anirudh are playing on the couch... the first one... :)
    i've never met a single blog-pal... SO envy u gurls!

  3. Sounds like Betu and Suki had fun. Now, will u post the recipe for malai kofta? With pics? Please? Pretty please???

  4. I loved the last pic. They look too happy with each other :)

  5. such nice pics... doesnt seem he met her for the first time, children have a way of bonding with some people so quickly

  6. wow.. photos looks like major fun :-D itz almost always a joy to meet fellow bloggers..

  7. nice pics!!! :)

    very cool Bandana, Suki!!

    and anirudh is totally besotted by suki!! we can see that!!



  8. Aww, isn't Suki just so pretty! And knowing what to say to Betu as well, I don't think I could do half as good a job!

  9. @Poppy: I think it was his T-Rex's biting me that broke the ice, lol! You won't believe how lively yet well-behaved he is. ~nm says he likes anyone who'll be a part of his "badmaashi" :P!

  10. Lovely account and it surely looks you guys freaked out :)
    Suki looks very familiar to me... thinking who she resembles!

  11. hey! malai kofta recipe please...asap :)

  12. oh! I am so sorry..the recipe is in your earlier post. That's what I was wondering..I remember reading it and even showing it to hubby. Then seeing others asking for the recipe, thought may be it was some other blog. Sorry for the confusion. Will soon make it and let you know :)

  13. Wonderful pics! Suki and Betu seem to be having a lot of fun! And Suki, you're soo pretty - love your dimples and smile! :)