Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vodafone network is down

The vodafone network has been down since the past 30 mins. And when I say down, I don't mean bad signal. I mean NO SIGNAL at all. I realised this when I was trying to blog from my blackberry and when the I hit the send button, I saw it was "Searching for network". At first I thought it was my blackberry that is acting up. So I restarted it. But no effect.

So then I went and looked up hubby's phone since he also has vodafone connectivity. But nopes, there is no network signal on his phone too. So that proves that the Vodafone network is down. I had pressed the hit button around 2:35 AM and it 3:06 AM right now and there is no signal till now. So can you beat that. Its been more than 30 minutes since their network is down.

So lets see how long does it take for my post that I sent at 2:35 AM appears on the blog. That will tell the exact time for which the network was down!


  1. Thank Vodafone for distracting you from toothache for good 35 minutes :-)

  2. The Hutch dog...err.. the Vodafone dog must've met with an accident :)

  3. today also some problems with Vodafone network, from 12 PM no signal, bad signal