Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad bad tooth ache.

Its 2:30 AM and I can't sleep coz of this darned tooth ache which started suddenly at around 11 PM.

Its the molar, for which I had gotten the filling done about 2 years ago, which is hurting. Although the good thing is that the pain is not the excruciating kinds but still have been tossing and turning in the bed for the last 3 hours. Its those mild but pressing nerve kind of a pain. Its reaching slightly till my ears as well now.

I guess what I've been dreading all these years shall need to be faced this time. The RCT. The dreaded root canal treatment.

Even 2 years ago when I had gotten this filling done, the porcelain one, the dentist had said that there is a very thin line separating me from a RCT. But since that time I had a choice, even if it meant treading on a thin line, I took the chance and avoided it successfully for these 2 years. But not anymore I guess!

I so so dread doctors that I can't just describe. Sigh...need to get the doctors appointment tomorrow the first thing in the morning. Ohh god! Please help me!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. Oh! Gosh! I don't like dentists either. Do talk to the doctor tommorrow, even if the pain is gone in the morning. Hope you are sleeping now.