Monday, July 7, 2008

The 'hair' story...

After a lot of deliberation on whether to go for a haircut or not, I decided to go for it. If you knew my hair were till my hips, you will understand why all this deliberation. It really is tough to go ahead and cut those long least for me it sure is and has always been. Last time I had gotten a haircut was more than 2 years ago. And I was in the same dilemma then as I was now.

When I finally convinced hubby and myself (convincing myself was more tricky) the confusion was what style to get done. Coz if the style doesn't suit me I will have to wait for another 6-7 months before I can get anything done to set it right. So the options were to either get a razor cut or get the regular steps that I had gotten myself last time I had a haircut.

So off I trotted to the parlor - with little excitement and little nervousness. Yeah I'm like this whenever it comes to my hair! :D

And as I told the hairstylist that I wish to get a haircut, he asked me to sit in one of the empty chairs and then he asked me what do I want to get done. I said I don't know. You tell me what will look good on me. So he fiddled with my hair a while and then said steps would be the best bet. When I told him I was hoping for a razor style he said "It won't work out. They are too thin and too straight." So after discussing with him about further options the conclusion was that I had no option but to go for a steps-cut AGAIN unless I wanted to get them cut really short. Since I was not mentally prepared for a really short style I asked him to go ahead for the steps cut.

The moment he chopped off 6 inches from the bottom, I shuddered. He asked me if anything is wrong or if I need something. I just shook my head in negative and told him that it was nothing. There was no way I was going to let him know that haircuts make me nervous. So he proceeded to cut my hair and I could see them falling in front of long tresses sliding off the silken cape that I was wearing around my neck. I suddenly was feeling very light in the head, not lightheaded though..hehehhe.., once he blow dried my hair. He gave a total of 4 layers. I thought they looked nice. And I did feel this boost of confidence admiring my new look.

And when I walked in the house, the two men in my life gave two different opinions. The bade sa'ab smiled and said "Its looking good" and kept looking at me and asked me to turn around. However, the chhote sa'ab made a wrinkled up face and said "Mujhe achha nahi lag raha" and turned back to what he was doing. Well..what could I've said to that. He has always been frank about his likes and dislikes!

So on the whole I'm happy with my haircut! And that's what finally matters. Doesn't it? :D


  1. Hey. I need pictures yaar.
    Dekhen to sahi ki choote sa'ab sahi hain ya bade.:)

  2. PICTURE!?!??!!?!!

    How come we get pictures of melon peels and not of your haircut!? I protest vehemently at this subjective exhibitionism. Pls post at least the back of your head woman!! Like pronto!


  3. good congrats for the new haircut and post the pics please :)

  4. Arre yaar..I don't post my pics here so I doubt you will ever get to see a pic of my haircut. And moreover, yaar..I'm not a sexy looking celebrity with a fancy haircut so whats the point anyway! :D

    Just imagine a 4 layered step-cut and enjoy! ;o) :D

  5. :D

    haircut!! well i also keep doing steps again and again!!

    someday i feel like going really short, but it will make my big face look bigger!! :p

    but it always feels nice, doesnt it?



  6. aww... i love ur hair!!!
    show photo!!!!! wanna see how it looks now! i've always wanted straight hair so i cud cut them short! with my current mop.. .it grows vertically... so short styles are out. and all stylists say my existing cut looks fine on me. hmph! :(

  7. I have been thinking of getting a hair-cut for like years now.As of now I jsut have long hair,no style :-(

  8. do you miss your hair? but we need pics :) before and after :D

  9. a post about a haircut(that too about hiplength hair...sigh)...and no fair, nm...but , but, but I'm sure you look good...:D

  10. However much I would love to show the pics but sorry..not possible..its not easy taking your own pics you know :D

    DotThoughts: No..I don't think I miss my hair. I like this change :)

    Lost on the street: I was also so bored of my long hair out of which I could either make a bun or just put a clip at the back! Thats EXACTLY why I got the cut! :) GO for it! Try and have a change!

  11. Wow ..brave you! I am sure the new look is suiting you ..was abt to ask for a picture but u r not in the mood it seems :( Betu will get used to it soon and like it I am sure.