Friday, July 25, 2008

So much better :)

I'm sure by the smile in the title you all can imagine that I'm not in pain anymore :D

First of all sorry for not being posting the update on the tooth problem. I've been literally drowned with work and was barely able to manage 6 hours of sleep in this week. I'm hoping things will look up today onwards and I shall have some time to blog surf as well as post! My reader shows 300+ unread posts! And I wonder how long it will take me to catch up reading those plus commenting!

So after I came back from doc's visit and having taken a painkiller I was feeling better although slightly feverish. But we still managed to for the movie Kismet Konnections sicne we had bought the tickets the previous day. It was a boring movie. I slept through almost entire of the second half of the movie. The pain was almost gione and I was feeling happy thinking this was the end of it. But I was so wrong!!

By 11 PM the pain was so bad that I had tears rolling down my cheeks continuosly. I was trying to put icepack rfom the outside on the jaw and it would help for 20-25 mins. I so wanted to sleep but just couldn't in the pain. The damn painkiller was also not working. And hubby asks me if I had actually eaten the painkillero r thrown it away. I swear I wanted to go after him with a dagger. And what got my goat was he kept watching TV and here I was writhing in pain. At one point the pain got so worse that I felt I would go insane if it doesn't subside in the next 30 mins. And I guess I partly did go insane coz I started abusing hubby saying "main mar jayungi par tumTV dekhte rahna!" (I will die but you shall continue watching TV). Finally managed to sleep at 4:00 AM. Apologised to him in the morning sicne he was mighty upset coz of my statement. He said "Main kya karta. Painkiller to de di ya tha." I told him yes that he couldnt' do anything but then he should also not take it to heart since I was in so much pain. I should be allowed to be illogical at such times. :D

Coming back to the tooth, RCT (Root Canal Treatment) started since Monday i.e. Jul 21. Have had 2 sittings so far. Each one is really painful . Yesterday during my second sitting I was telling my doc that delivering the baby was easier than getting this RCT done. At least its done and over with in few hours unlike RCT where I've to go in for atleast 5-6 sittings each as painful as the previous. He just laughed and said infact some women told him that after the pain of delivery, all these pains are trivial. I just shrugged and said probably I had an easy delivery than them.

I'm lighter by 4.5K for getting this one procedure of RCT. And it DOES NOT include capping!! Can you beleive this?? And I've one more to go for the molar on the other side. By the end of 2 months I would be lighter by atleast 15K for getting work done on these 2 teeth. And that further means each tooth will have a price of 7.5 K. Do you think I could auction them when in dire straits? :D

So take care of these teeth fellas! Its painful not only physically but financially as well!!

Happy brushing!


  1. Ouchhhh!!! That sure did hurt like hell ~nm. Feel so sorry for u. But so glad u r out of the pain at least while not undergoing treatment. Can't u double the dose of the painkiller when it hurts so much?

  2. Damn, can't you just have the teeth out instead of RCT? Go for the capping, coz otherwise you might lose out on all the good the RCT did in the first place :(

  3. Oh, so sorry nm. That sounds awful....& i can relate coz I have had that procedure for 4 of my front teeth.
    Lol abt hubby. These guys are so insensitive at times...they just don't realise the importance of sympathy, hugs, kisses, like we women do!Isn't it?

  4. good that u are better and dont even talk of money... just wait for the time when the capping starts... its bound to leave a much much bigger hole in ur pocket

  5. Take Care!!! This does not sound good.

  6. Hope the pain it gets better soon! And everything heals up good and fine. All the Best!
    And from now on make sure you not only brush your teeth before going to bed, but also floss them. Its Very Important! (Irrespective of how tired you are) :)
    It is worth the effort when you consider what you have gone through.

  7. hope things lot betta now!

    dentist's bills scare me more than their drills! waah! kya rhyme hai! :p



  8. i hope u get well soon. i don't know what i would have done in this case, just can't stand physical pain at all. and also the person writhing and screaming in front of me makes me feel his/her pain.
    now i know, why i didn't become a doctor despite being excellent in bio. hmmmm.
    anyways, i hope u will be better soon. just take care and do have a pillow fight with hubby dear after its all over.

  9. root canal?? ouch! glad you are being fixed though... poor you.

  10. hehe... yes yes, am brushing! vin refuses to sleep with me unless i brush at night. and i HAVE to floss twice a week! i hate it... but now it's become a habit! i find toothache excruciating.... :(
    p.s.: u cud try auctioning those teeth. my suggestion... get a cold cap.. that way, u'd get a better price at an auction! ;)

  11. How can you shout at Mr.Nice? That too when you were in so much pain. Kya zamana aa gaya hai!

  12. N, so sorry that you had to suffer all this. I can empathise because i have undergone all this. When I got my RCT done, I kept closing my eyes to connect to the almighty to take care of my pain, he he he. My handsome dentist kept telling me to open my eyes, I wonder why. I finally told him bravely, ke main darti nahi, this pain is nothing as compared to the labour pains.

  13. The adsense on your blog shows up only dental related ads at present :D

    Good to know you are much better now :)
    Have never been to the dentist so far. Heard RCT is very painful from the known ones.

    4.5k? I should brush twice a day!

  14. glad that teh smile's back...

  15. glad that teh smile's back...