Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I used an old age hindi movie formula

I'm sure all of us remember movies where the lead actor/actress would loose memory or senses after an accident and would say "Main kahan hoon?" :D And on repeating the same sequence of events, that lead to the loss of memory, would unfailingly revive it. Remember?

Well I applied the same formula with my phone. However the problem I was trying to solve was not the memory loss but loss of voice! Ok..ok..I will stop beating around the bush and tell you how I used the Hindi movie formula on my phone.

It so happened that yesterday I dropped my phone and since then its sound system stopped working. And thanks to this I had lots of missed calls and SMSes which I didn't see on time because but ofcourse I couldn't hear my phone ringing or beeping. I tried whatever I could to get it functional again but to no avail. I opened the battery case and cleaned the speaker area but still didn't help. Restarted the phone couple of times but the problem continued. So as the last resort I dropped it again but this time intentionally and restarted it. Lo and behold the problem was solved!! The speaker started to function properly and life was restored to normal. :D

Now what do you have to say to that?? *wink*


  1. Brilliant.you know what other career options are open for you :-)

  2. lol

    send this to ekta kapoor na, at te rate her serials are going, she needs a new idea...

  3. hahahhaha...that was too good ..and I thought that works with Nokia only !!

  4. yeh toh too much ho gaya!! :D


  5. o lord, please forgive her for she knows not what she did. fellow blackberrys are distraught on hearing of what just happened to one of us so we abducted this blackberry owner's mind and made her type this message so that the targetted blakberry owner will receive it.

    here is the warning -

    thou shall not do what thee did to thine blackberry else heaven will fall and hell will freeze over.

    :-D no i am not on grass!! but i had so much fun writing this altogether :-D

  6. I lost the picture of my phone and had to get it restored for another 2400 rupees. Too bad, the dropping idea didnt work.

  7. reminded me of the tv's in the olden days... the ones u had to HIT on top to make them finction smoothly! :D
    heyy... we dropped our phone in water... but managed to revive it! :)

  8. i agree with the guy above.. i thought that works with nokia only.. LOL

  9. Glad that no one of you called me insane :P